Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Pearl Street Interiors

I recently did a photo job for the ever talented Jenny at Pearl Street Interiors in Providence Rhode Island. Jenny designed and decorated this whole room. It was so fun to see first hand a Pearl Street Interiors room. Jenny never got to take after pictures of her work here, so I did them for her. If Jenny's blog isn't already one of your daily reads, hurry and add her to your google reader. She has the best decor advice around!


allegra said...

i can't decide which i like more, the gorgeous room or the gorgeous photography! i'll take them both, please!:) great job terese!

Turley Family said...

Beautiful work Terese and Jenny!

Annalee said...

so fun! my goodness you have been busy... I need to check this out more often! great work terese!