Monday, December 21, 2009

Boston McCoys

Since I live in an urban area, I have been searching far and wide for good urban photo locations. I found some great ones deep in the heart of the city, but parking is an issue and I have found that keeping things convenient as possible for clients is the way to go. Especially when little kids are involved. So right in my neighborhood there is this perfect spot! I thought it was cool when I drove by, but seeing it on camera I was super thrilled with it. This is the location I chose for my families portraits. I will post my card soon, I promise!

Little Atticus had the BEST expressions in the photos!

That face! So cute.


allegra said...

terese, that location is GREAT! love it. cute little atticus:) he's gotten so big, holy cow. great shots!!!

Amber said...

Great location. I love the yellow ladder and the brick! Great pics!

Clairissa said...

Yes! I recognize that location. From my FAVORITE christmas card of the season, I believe! :) Yes, yours took top prize this year, in my opinion. I loved it. Modern, yet classic. Sassy and sweet. Beautifully designed. And beautiful people to look at :)

Clairissa said...

p.s. what lens did you shoot this session with? very lovely.