Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Wangsgard Family

I have to say that the camera loves these guys! Check out all the great expressions on this little guy. His mom and dad could both be models.
Love it!
I love this one. It's like GQ meets Sesame Street.
I think this is the first time we had a kid who was almost too obedient! We would say, "look up" and he'd look up as high as he could. "Move a little this way", he'd take tiny baby steps. What a DOLL!


logan said...

well done! Thanks again for taking these. It's too bad Soren happen to be making that crazy smile that day, he's usually got a much better camera face, but... still good.

ellen said...

More great photos! I want to meet KW some day (and you too). :)

Kate Wangsgard said...

Thanks Terese! We are really happy with them. We may even do a Christmas card for the first time this year now that we've got fancy pictures to show off.

allegra said...

these are darling! love them all. you are so creative with your edits.

soren is a dang cute kiddo.