Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Clawson Family

I got to do a few fun photo sessions in Utah.
This particular one was for a wedding anniversary party.

It all started with these two:

After I left, the kids presented their parents with a gift of a trip for two to Hawaii. It will be both of their first trip. I wished I could've been there to see their reaction!


denise plant said...

I LOVE that first picture the best! Those expressions are perfect! What a sweet family. Good job, sis!

Annalee said...

the first one is great. i like them all. where are the rest of them?

Terese said...

I put the others on a disk that I will mail to you guys.

kate moss said...

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Christine said...

Small world, I know Jason, in the last picture, we were EFY counselors together!