Thursday, April 5, 2007


Who'd have thought that being a scientist would make you a knowledgable photographer? My husband, Josh has been teaching me a lot about my camera. He is quite talented himself. Not only is he going to Harvard this fall to get a Doctorate in Molecular Biology, but he's a fun dad with the greatest sense of humor and an awesome husband. He learned to use the camera from working with microscopes for the past five years. I'll have to post some of his microscopy photos of cells sometime. They look like they're straight out of a text book. These blossoms are some of his shots. I joke with him about becoming MY assistant in the business someday, maybe I'll let him be my intern:)!


Elizabeth Jenson Photography said...

That's so cool you have him! Yep, I had to follow suit and get a "photo blog" so everyone on Xanga doesn't get bored with a million photos. I actually started blogging here before I swithed to Xanga (see I made the switch cuz I had so much trouble uploading photos here. I see it hasn't changed much!

Rachel said...

Josh is amazing! You two are a fabulous team!

denise plant said...

Love the first pic the best. Those blossoms are incredible! Josh rocks. I think the only thing he and Aaron have in common is their sense of humor--but that's all they need!